Psalm 23 - KJV

Teach God's care, provision, protection and goodness from the familiar shepherd psalm.

Hear a sample of the music from Psalm 23.

"Thank you so much for the tape and book of Psalm 23. My two little girls just love it! Linda (almost 3) fell in love with the tape, wanting it over and over. She had learned both songs in two days. Julie (almost 2) fell in love with the book and tape. We got it just when she really started talking. Now even she can sing most all of both songs.

I've been so pleased with it and have told most every one I know that has children.

Linda just thrilled and shocked her grandpa and her great grandparents tonight by singing Psalm 23. I can't tell you, "Thank you," enough! Hearing the girls singing Psalm 23 as they play or lie down for a nap is really truly thrilling! Thank you so much!! I have to have more !! My kids love the music.

I have to share this with you. I had been teaching Linda Psalm 23 and she was having problems with the last 2½ verses. With the tape no problem, she got it! Last Wednesday night we sat down for worship and I was going to pray when Linda started to pray. Her prayer was in a soft, faint whisper. From what I got she said all of Psalm 23! I could have cried. Thanks so very, very much!! Her first prayer" - Mother in Michigan

Video of a special needs boy singing Psalm 23


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